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“Companies spend exorbitant amounts of time and money introducing and exhibiting their products at trade shows…Yet the one area where trade shows specialists insist on a return for mega dollar input – trade show sales – is relegated to a corner of the booth and often neglected entirely. Your final and most objective goal from a trade show should be to close new business either at the show itself or as a result of contacts made on the trade show floor.”
–Sondra Brewer, Selling Power Magazine

Your company, big or small, is spending a small fortune to exhibit at a trade show. Hire us to make sure it pays off where it counts.

Trade Show Sales Force is your sales team away from home. You can rely on us to not only engage thousands of attendees like it’s our job (it is), but to qualify and record leads in volume, accurately educate prospects on your products, and best of all–to actually close sales on the trade show floor.


Face it, trade shows are no small investment. And yet so many drop the ball at the most crucial point–the point of face-to-face interaction. Our team of professionally-aggressive trade show sales experts have years of experience in actual sales, in addition to product demonstration, presentation, and all those other important engagement duties that most “convention models” yawn their way through on your dime.


Better still, you can reduce the lost opportunities and increased workload at the home office by leaving more of your full-time sales team where they can be most effective. Take back hundreds of qualified leads, and lots more new accounts, already activated and ready to go, without missing any of the important action back at the office.


We can also train your company sales team to more effectively handle the overwhelm of the convention floor, and to maximize the opportunities inherent there through drastically increased engagements, and far more closed deals right there in the booth. And if you need help selecting shows or booth space, pre-show promotion ideas, assistance with your marketing collateral, exhibit layout advice, or a strategy coaching session from top to bottom, we’ve got you covered.


Don’t hesitate, make this call today and sign up for the best temporary trade show staff and exhibit consulting services available. Call Trade Show Sales Force, Your Sales Staff Away From Home.