Some of our experienced trade show staff: Dawn, Natasha, and Jen.

Some of our experienced trade show sales staff: Dawn, Natasha, and Jen.

At Trade Show Sales Force, we offer a number of different services, most notably, our trained, experienced, and professional temporary sales teams, available anywhere, for any product, and any industry.

But we also offer Consulting Services to help you make the most of your exhibit at all levels, and other types of temporary trade show models and staff–all the very best in their field.

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Experienced Sales Staff When and Where you Need Them

Trade Show Sales TeamWhether you need trade show sales staff, need to expand your existing staff, or you’re seeking our services because taking too much company staff to a show causes loss of business back at the home office, we’re the best bet for your trade show buck. Each person on our team has not only years and years of experience working trade shows, they are hand-selected for their special ability to sell. We’ve got closers, Ladies and Gentlemen. Closers who know that every minute on the trade show floor costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, unlike company staff, who sometimes see trade shows as a sort of “working vacation.” Our people mean business, and they’re there to get. it. done. With charm and a smile, to boot.


Our diverse and talented team of sales professionals is ready to serve in any trade show exhibit, in any industry.

Sales Pro Blake listens intently to determine the client’s needs.

Trade Show Sales Force has experienced and professional trade show sales people who live all over the country, including some of the biggest convention markets, Las Vegas and Chicago. We are expanding our team slowly (because we only take on the best talent with actual sales experience, not just trade show models) to provide even more local staffers where you need them. But all of our team are prepared to travel to your event, and when that’s necessary, we’ll work with you to keep costs low. After all, you need us because you want to make every dollar invested count.


Whatever your reason for considering Trade Show Sales Force, call us today, and we’ll be there, ready to close more sales than you ever dreamed possible at your next show.

What More Can You Do To Ensure Success at Your Next Show?
We’ll Tell You.

Trade Show Exhibit ConsultantAt Trade Show Sales Force, we also offer Consulting for your trade show exhibit, top to bottom. Need an idea to draw people into the booth? We’ve got effective techniques that have been tested and proven in the aisles of hundreds of shows. Need help crafting a staged presentation dynamic enough to stand out on the trade show floor? Our team has the stage, marketing, and trade show experience to make sure you attract, dazzle, and educate your audience. Need a strategy for the whole kit and kaboodle? We’ll learn about your products, company, and goals and use our vast experience to help formulate your whole approach, top to bottom.


We can also train your own company sales staff to sell in the trade show environment. You’ve been there–you know how different it is from the usual sales roles, and so do we. We have effective and specific tactics that we can teach your staff to truly maximize the short time you have for the face-to-face interactions on the convention floor.

We’ve worked in every possible industry, we know how to reach the prospects you need to make your show a stunning success, and we can simplify the process (or any aspect of it) for you from the get-go. Whether it’s your first show or your fiftieth, call us today–there’s always room for more leads and more sales, right?


We also have partnerships with some of the best exhibit design companies, keynote speakers bureaus and entertainment agencies in the country. So if your exhibit strategy needs items outside of our scope, we can help point you in the right direction, or we can create a custom package deal and handle all the details for you. Seriously, call today.

Invest in the Most Important Piece of Your Exhibit

We will work within your budgets to the best of our ability, but our premium service–trade show sales professionals–are in high demand, and are undeniably worth the investment, especially when compared to standard “trade show models.” We currently have clients that keep us hopping at 80-100 shows per year, and of course, we offer volume-booking discounts for multiple events in a calendar year. But even if you only need us for a show or two, we’ll do our best to provide you with the quality, premium services you need to take your show from “that went pretty well” to a full-out grand slam. Let us know what you’re working with, and we’ll let you know what we can provide in that range.


For more traditional trade show staff roles, we have competitive rates and the very best talent available for your needs. Call today to discuss your particular situation, and find out if we’re not only the best choice for your exhibit (we are) but how we’ll make every penny you invest in us pay off in spades both during and after the show.



Don’t wait–call today to put your best face forward. Otherwise, you might see us working for your competitor across the aisle…

Traditional Trade Show Talent, Registration Staff, and yes– even Convention Models

But maybe it’s not about closing the sale at your show–maybe you’ve got a longer sales cycle, so it’s really about making connections and getting the conversation started with as many qualified prospects as you can possibly reach in the short time frame of the show. Or sometimes–very rarely, but sometimes your company’s goal at a show is more about brand awareness or current client meetings than about acquiring new business on the floor at all. We’ve seen it. Not much, but we’ve seen it. Even in those cases however, you probably have new products or features to show, and you’ve invested an enormous amount to be there. Don’t let the point of the show — the point of engagement — be the place you accept the lowest bid just to cut corners.


We have a wide range of specific talent types that can make your presence truly stand out, and make sure that you engage and connect with every possible prospect, all while maintaining the high brand standards you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Premium Trade Show Talent – Narrators, etc.

Presenters, Narrators, and Emcees

Professional Trade Show Presenter

Heather, one of our highly experienced Presenter/Emcees delivering a technical talk.

For some industry conventions and meetings, it’s very common to see a professional spokesperson on a small (or large) stage, delivering specially-crafted presentations about a product on-mic, sometimes with a slideshow or a company-directed equipment demonstration. Polished stage professionals, these highly-specialized performers are trade show Presenters, Narrators, or professional Corporate Spokepersons. They deliver these scripted presentations throughout the trade show day at scheduled intervals, and will crowd-gather on the mic before each presentation, as well as conducting any drawings or contests associated. Presentations are a great way to attract attention to the booth, as well as providing additional information to those who might’ve passed by without this extra pizzazz. A charismatic presenter (and the attentive seated audience) nearly always gets the attention of passers-by, especially at a show that doesn’t feature many of these types of exhibits. Be a renegade–add a live presentation to your booth. Watch our world-class presenters pull in the audience and ensure they head straight to your sales team with an accurate overview of your products or services fresh in mind.


Emcees are a dynamic addition to your expert panel speakers.

Emcee Dawn introduces expert speakers, calls drawings, and much more.

An Emcee is typically utilized when you have company or industry expert presenters delivering extended talks on specific use-cases, how-to demos for complex software or products, or similar kinds of content. An Emcee will not only keep the action flowing according to schedule throughout the day, crowd-gather on the mic and run contests and drawings, but also deliver formal introductions and wrap-ups of each speaker, adding vitality and professional polish to informative presentations of content that might be valuable and sought-after, but potentially a bit drier in its delivery. Emcees are also often engaged to host award shows, press reveals, and other staged events outside the trade show booth. From dynamic and captivating to polished and professional (or even professional magicians, if that’s your game), we have the right person to draw attention to your specialist talks.

*It is highly recommended to also hire Crowd Gatherers if offering presentations of any kind. An affordable and vital component, this temporary trade show staff is responsible for filling your audience with attendees (ideally to overflowing) for a presentation theater. While they don’t necessarily need in-depth training on your products to pursue this important and singular objective, these folks will learn as much as you’d like them to know (and probably more), and most importantly, they have some serious hustle. They know how to make sure your theater is full, and they’ll see that it’s straightened and reset for each and every presentation.

Mid-Level Specialized Talent – Product Demonstrators, Lead Generators
Bilingual Trade Show Product Demonstrators and Salespeople

We also have bi-lingual and even multi-lingual staffers ready to demo products or perform other professional engagement duties in your booth.

Product Specialists and Product Demonstrators

So you have something that has to be demo’d in order for prospects to really understand why it’s the best. Product specialists and product demonstrators can learn your product and company information through intensive self-study; through trainings by phone, online, or on-site with you, or a combination of these. When they arrive at the show, they’ll be as well-versed in the products as your own staff, and will blend right in as knowledgeable experts, ready to show your prospects what you’ve got, inside and out.



Lead Generators

Trade Show Lead Generators and Salespeople

Lead Generators Bonnie, Heather, and Jen are ready to recruit prospects by the thousands.

Every bit as pro-active and outgoing as our sales team, this temporary trade show position actively reaches out and

engages prospects in volume, qualifying and rating leads based on your products, goals, and criteria before passing them off to your company sales staff. This not only gives you the edge in higher access to more passing attendees (by the thousands), but it allows your company sales staff, who are not accustomed to the grueling pace of trade shows, to conserve their energy for the truly qualified leads. We’ll take accurate notes on lower-level leads so that they can be followed up after the show, while ensuring that you catch every single qualified lead within reach on the floor. Lead Generators are usually self-trained on your company and product information, but will engage in any additional training you’d like to provide to ensure they do the best job possible.

Registration Staff, Hostesses, etc.

And yes–Trade Show Models, Hostesses, Reception/Registration Staff and more

Trade Show Models

Trade show booth models Nat & Linda don’t stand around yawning — they’ll be engaged and on-point at all times.

We understand that sometimes, you really just want a pretty girl to smile, attract attention, maybe pass out a brochure, and scan badges. We’ll ensure that you get motivated models who will still go the extra mile to self-educate on your products and your show goals and proactively reach out to attendees, rather than standing around looking terribly bored, chatting with her friends, or worse–speaking unprepared to the press and drawing all the wrong kinds of attention. We’ve seen the worst-cases, and we know who to put in those still-valuable positions to ensure that your best face is forward at every show, providing the best possible results for you at a budget-friendly rate.



Trade Show Registration and Booth Reception Desk Staff

Shannon is ready to greet visitors to your booth, and get them signed in for their meetings.



We can also provide smiling, upbeat, and professional staff to handle more administrative tasks such as your reception desk, surveys, or even your entire conference registration process.


Costumed Characters for Trade Shows

Zany Costumes? Yeah, we can do that, too. Whatever gets you the sale.

See? We’ve got you covered. Don’t wait. Call today to line up the best trade show staff available. Before your competition across the aisle beats you to the punch…